Tip Edge is a revolutionary orthodontic system that give patients the following advantages over traditional braces:
• No headgears or appliances
• Less forces than traditional braces (less pain)
• Tip Edge braces uses 2-3 ounces vs traditional braces uses 10-24 ounces
• Less time in braces
• Fewer appointments
• 6-8 week intervals vs 4-6 week intervals
• Less bulk (more comfort)

The Tip Edge Technique
Traditional orthodontic brackets pull the tooth through bone into the final position. Tip Edge brackets tip teeth to the final position and then, upright the roots. This is the only bracket system in the world to do this type of movement. This system is so efficient that patients require less appointments, less treatment time and less discomfort to get their teeth into a perfect beautiful smile. Book your consultation today and see what Tip Edge braces can do for you!

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