Biological Dentistry  Using Preventive Care and Advanced Technology

Your overall health is important to us. At Elements Dental, we practice holistic, or biological dentistry, to ensure that your dental health pairs with your overall well-being. Our team led by Dr. Ray T. Chow, Dr. Elysa Kliman, and Dr. Alex Kim, is dedicated to providing you with advanced dental solutions that are recommended based on the impact they will have on the rest of the body. We uphold these standards by providing multidisciplinary care that is enhanced by skillful dental care, the latest technology, and biocompatible materials. You can rest assured you are receiving treatment that serves your best interests at our Victoria, BC, dental practice. 

What Is Biological Dentistry?

Biological dentistry, commonly referred to as holistic dentistry, focuses on treating the underlying symptoms causing your oral health issue. Biological dentistry treatments are provided based on your overall health, since dental procedures can directly impact the rest of your body. 

We incorporate biological dentistry into your care by using the latest technology, conservative techniques, and biocompatible materials.

We recognize the effects that dental treatments can have and are committed to providing oral health care that benefits your overall well-being. Our team has incorporated this system into every aspect of our care by using biocompatible materials, conservative techniques, and the latest technology.

Dentistry Benefiting Your Overall Health

Our comprehensive practice provides holistic dentistry. This means your treatment not only focuses on your smile, but also on the way your oral health affects your overall health. We would love to be your family's partner in achieving and maintaining healthy smiles.

Preventive Care

Ideally, we strive to prevent conditions that may threaten your oral health. However, that is not always possible. In these cases, we offer the best possible solutions to help your body recover from dental health issues using efficient and effective methods.

Multiple Disciplines

By offering a broad spectrum of dental procedures ranging from periodontal care and orthodontics to dental implant placement, we are able to accommodate your oral health needs and provide you with several treatment options. Our skilled doctors can perform swift and personalized treatment conveniently in one office. Receiving your dental care from our doctors also ensures that every aspect of your care is held to our high standards.

Biocompatible Materials

We choose to use materials that are safe for our patients including BPA-free clear aligners and dental porcelain, among others. This is important to us since some materials can cause allergic reactions and may even be toxic. When planning your treatment, we can evaluate your product sensitivity through blood tests to help ensure we do not provide something that is harmful to you. 

Conservative Techniques 

Another important aspect of biocompatible dentistry is the use of conservative and holistic techniques. Our goal is to minimize damage and preserve the natural hard and soft tissues when possible. Instead of traditional or more invasive procedures, our doctors employ conservative techniques such as the Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique for gum recession. We also offer acupuncture as an alternative to sedation to help patients relieve anxiety and relax during treatment.

Advanced Technology

Our practice uses state-of-the-art technology to improve comfort, treatment outcomes, and recovery. We commonly incorporate laser dentistry, rotary pieces, and other tools when possible, including digital x-rays which significantly reduce radiation exposure. Ozone therapy is also used by our doctors to help expedite the healing process by improving your body's intake and use of oxygen.  

Invested in Your Health

We strive to help you achieve an attractive, healthy smile without a cost to your total body wellness. Schedule a consultation by contacting us online or calling us at (250) 382-5233 to learn more about how our holistic approach to dental care can benefit you.

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