Lumineers are unique for many reasons including being contact lens-thin and super translucent. Ordinary veneers are fused or bonded to teeth, and typically your dentist will need to grind down the tooth for an acceptable fit. Since Lumineers veneers are so thin, virtually no tooth reduction is required. Lumineers are made from Cerinate porcelain making then resistant to micro-leakage and micro-cracking. This revolutionary porcelain is manufactured through an exclusive process patented by the Den-Mat Corporation, one of the Americas largest producers of professional dental materials.

Unlike most veneer procedures, Lumineers have no need for grinding, cutting or filing of teeth in nearly all cases no anesthetic or numbing shots are usually required. Plus, no uncomfortable temporary veneers are required while you wait for your Lumineers to be fabricated. Once the process is finished, there is no post-placement discomfort or sensitivity, which means they will look natural and feel comfortable from the beginning.

Lumineers have great longevity. Clinical testing has shown that a Lumineers system lasts and looks great for as long as twenty years. Lumineers also offer a five-year warranty and are replaced at no charge, ask your dentist for details as certain restrictions do apply. Because there is no reduction in delicate tooth structure so that your natural teeth are still in tact and strong, Lumineers are reversible.

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