The dentists and staff at Elements Dental are committed to providing leading dental care to patients in Victoria, BC. Not only do we aim to preserve the health and aesthetics of your smile, but we also provide dental treatments that contribute to your overall well-being. Dr. Ray T. Chow, Dr. Alex Kim, and Dr. Alysa Kliman uphold these standards, working together as a team to fulfill your oral health needs while applying our biological dentistry approach. We will always incorporate the latest tools and techniques to minimize invasiveness and improve comfort. While we strive to address any threats to your health by providing highly effective preventive care, when more extensive procedures are needed, we apply the highest level of skill and most conservative methods possible to restore your smile.

Elements Dental utilizes the latest in dental technology including digital x-ray, 3D CBCT imaging, CAD/CAM same day restorations and biologic principles.

With these technologies, treatments can be done in an efficient and comfortable manner, often in only one appointment.

The comfort level for our patients is of the highest importance. With this in mind, our team always make sure that every procedure is painless, quick and comfortable.

The technologies used in Elements Dental office are often developed for this purpose, as they allow procedures to be completed in a shorter amount of time and often in one appointment. These technologies include computer-assisted design/manufacturing, lasers, and digital technologies.

Anxious patients will appreciate the loving nature of this office. Our Doctors and their team function together efficiently and treat their patients like family.

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