Dental Services offered include, but are not limited to:

Family dentistry, teeth replacement,  root canals, same day teeth replacement, dentures, orthodontics, implants, crowns and bridges, product sensitivity testing, cosmetic and age reversal procedures.

What sets our clinic apart from other practitioners is that Dr. Chow is trained to do multiple procedures in different areas of dentistry.

Therefore, there will not be any bias toward a certain area of dentistry or procedure.

For example, if orthodontics, implants, or root canals are not offered in a particular practice, these options may not be offered to the patient simply because there is a lack of expertise in these areas.

There are always more than one option in dentistry and in some cases, incorporating different disciplines can achieve better and longer lasting results.

My training in implants and orthodontics make me a very well rounded practitioner to offer the best options for every patient.

Tooth decay and other dental problems are less prevalent than ever before thanks to improved awareness of proper home care, water fluoridation and preventative treatments.

However, problems still do occur that require treatment.

Thankfully, technology and methods are constantly improving, offering more effective, less invasive methods to keep your smile healthy.

Our patients need not put off treatment for fear of discomfort or inconvenience.

The best way to minimize the severity of problems and the treatment required is to catch problems early with regular check-ups.



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